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Phone Number:
Directions From Sundre;
101028 Panther Road
PH 403-637-3735   CELL 403-586-1285
Drive 9km west of Sundre, turn left onto COAL CAMP ROAD, ( there is a sign on the side of the road).  This road basically follows the Red Deer River , and will turn to gravel in about 25 minutes, jusyt past the Bar7S Ranch.  Continue on the gravel for about another 25 minutes, you will come to a stop sign, (T intersection), turn left, drive for approximately 2 to 3 k, you will see a BIG BLUE BRIDGE, cross over the bridge. You are now at MNT AIRE LODGE.  Stay to your right while driving around Mnt Aire Lodge, drive 2.5km  (1 mile) west, you will see a big black and white sign on the right hand side of the road, BARRIER MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS Five Star Rustic, turn right follow the drive way.  You are here!!  Welcome to Barrier Mountain Outfitters
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